Commissioner says he was attacked at cage match

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

Levy County Commissioner Ryan Bell, of Chiefland, wasn't on the roster for Saturday's mixed martial arts bouts at Chiefland Billiards and Bar, but that didn't keep him from taking a slam to the back of the head, according to a statement he gave Chiefland Police later that evening.

Bell, according to a CPD report, was at the event with several friends when, while standing at a counter, Chiefland resident Jeffrey Williams, 30, came up from behind Bell and placed his fist on the commissioner and local businessman's left jaw, saying he could have knocked him out.

The report states that Bell offered to buy Williams a drink in an effort to "bury the hatchet."

Williams walked away, but came back later while Bell was watching the fights and slammed a plastic cup of beer on the back of his Bell's head.

Williams "ran out of the building" and "into the bushes and was not able to be located ..." the report stated.

Chiefland Deputy Chief of Police Al Graves said Tuesday it's likely Williams would have been arrested if he'd been found Saturday night, but, instead, the department issued a sworn complaint on Williams for battery.

Graves said it's now up to the state attorney's office whether or not the matter will be pursued.

"It was the only police action we had," Graves said about the event, adding that the news of it's coming was a bit of a concern for him and some other officers. "Unfortunately, you can just kind of expect that kind of thing."