Cold night, hot action at Bronson Motor Speedway

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By Jenna McKenna

The roads were a little safer Saturday night after Rick Heath's Ford Pinto left the Four-Cylinder Bomber feature race on a flatbed wrecker. Heath climbed the retaining wall and rolled during the warmup lap leading into the feature. After being extracted from his car, he walked off the track.

Heath's tumble was not the only dramatic exit. In the last feature, Hornets, Robert Edwards tried to go under Dustin Hughs' Ford Probe in the inside angle turn and hit the boundary tire, overturning his Honda Accord. Edwards leaped from his car unhurt, and the pit crew quickly turned his car back over. The Accord started right back up, and, after a trip out to the pit, returned to finish the race.

Race fans huddled in the cold wind Saturday night to cheer their drivers through red-hot action in Sportsman, Pure Stock, Street Stock, Four-Cylinder Bomber and Hornet categories.

Gene Owens dominated the Sportsman class, drafting on Scott Wilkerson for 14 laps before making his move to take over the lead. Owens opened up a huge gap after passing the lead car and cruised to an effortless win.

In Hornets, Tommy Ausburn had a major advantage over every other car with his superbly balanced mid-engine Toyota MR-2. The car's outstanding handling gave him a wire-to-wire edge in the race, which features two sharp inside turns through the infield, although William O'Quinn, driving the less-nimble Saturn, dogged Ausburn's heels all through the race.

There were tough performances in the Pure Stock and Street Stock categories, with plenty of sharp strategies and spin-outs before the finish. Richie Smith won the Pure Stocks and Ausburn won Street Stocks. Heath's early departure from Four-Cylinder Bomber left only four in that class, which Nathan Florian won easily.

Full results from Saturday, March 21


1 Gene Owens 1x

2 Tom Posavec 1

3 William Edwards 8

4 T.J. Chambers 57

5 Scott Wilkerson 12

6 Shelton Bowers 32

7 Jim Higginbotham 76

8 Shane Bastow 04

9 Bradley Lion 43

Street Stock

1 Tommy Ausburn 69

2 Kyle Peters 33

3 Frank Stromquist 57

4 Brent Cooper 97

5 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr. 9

6 Mike Veltman 08

7 Richie Smith 4

8 Michael Stalnaker 8

9 Tim Robertson 94

10 Tim Quick 97x

Pure Stock

1 Richie Smith 142

2 Bill Ryan 33x

3 Cory Swanston 92

4 Larry Welter, Sr. 85

5 Wallace Jones 81

6 S. Stinedurf 0

7 Glyn Colyer 44

8 Larry Welter, Jr. 58

9 Darrel Demonbreun 34

10 Chris Watson 118

11 Scott Werstein 45

12 Donald Welter 8

13 Nathan Ritter

14 Matthew Harris 411

15 Rick Montalvo 33


1 Tommy Ausburn 69

2 William O'Quinn 09

3 Dustin Hughs 25

4 Donny Edwards 0

5 Thomas Walker 08

6 William Walker 11

7 Gerardo Garcia 18

8 Robert Edwards 7

9 Wade Parker 51

Four-Cylinder Bomber

1 Nathan Florian 26

2 Sonya Heater 71

3 Lamar Smith 2

4 Rick Heath 9