Coaches appreciated

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I had the opportunity to grow up in Chiefland and play several sports.  I now live in South Florida and I never thought I would envy or have a desire to return home. 
Now every week I read the Citizen and I am so proud of what our coaches are doing with their athletics.  I had the privilege of playing beside some of your coaches and against them.  I also taught school and was on the same coaching staff with a few. 
I sure hope that everyone appreciates all of their hard work.  I have watched the volleyball team grow because of the hard work and determination from elementary all the way to high school. 
I look at the pictures and read the articles in the Citizen every week.  Not only am I in awe at some of the form the volleyball girls have but also the quotes from the coaches. 
I am also very impressed with how our football coaching staff treats the kids like family and really work hard to get the community involved.  I guess, all in all, I am saying a big thank you to everyone that is doing the right thing. So many people do not appreciate or realize that as coaches you make mistakes too, but you are all making Chiefland proud and giving these kids so many memories they will cherish forever.
Kelley Franklin Wyman