Citizens on Patrol

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COPs of the Year

They are at all the parades, funerals, festivals, public gatherings. They're the folks who look a lot like Levy County Sheriff's deputies, but not quite. They drive official looking sheriff's cruisers with a slightly different paint scheme and have yellow lights on top. 


They're the silen superheroes of the Sheriff's Office, the Citizens on Patrol. They provide an extra pair of eyes by patrolling neighborhoods. They direct traffic so folks on their way to a big event don't get frazzled.

And once a year they take time out to enjoy a great meal and honor those who also serve.

Not pictured: Ron Grant, 1,500 hours, Stella Damann, 3,000 hours, Glenn Bowers, 2,000 hours, Sue Irwin, 3,000 hours, Tom Munsell, 1,500 hours and Donna Munsell, 500 hours.