Citizen hits the streets late

Despite the best of intentions with the resolution that the Chiefland Citizen will be on the streets and in post boxes as it has always been, we are falling short of that goal.

Recently, our press was mothballed. Printing, inserting (where we put in all those wonderful coupons) and addressing of the Citizen was moved to Crystal River where a more modern press can print a better quality product.

As with all changes, this has not been easy. When the first issue came out late and we missed the Chiefland Post Office deadline, I wrote on this website and in our reader newsletter that it would not be happening in the future. The future is now and it is happening a third week in a row.

Please know that everyone is working diligently to overcome the hurdles and get the newspaper out and into your hands on time.

Today the newspaper will not start distribution to newsracks until after 4:30 p.m. Because the paper is arriving several hours behind the post office deadline for Thursday distribution, it may not hit post boxes on Thursday morning.

I feel your frustration.  I apologize for the delay.

Lou Elliott Jones