Chiefland Rotary fishing contest results

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The 2013 Chiefland Rotary Annual Fishing Tournament was held in Cedar Key in May with 50 boats entered and 28 attending the weigh-in. 

Total bag

1st place — Kipp Steel/Scott, Nick Brown, Casey Hopton, 28.32 pounds, $3,850 payout. The team also had the No. 1 trout at 6.73 pounds. 

2nd place — Andy Fowler, Kevin Smith, 24.69 pounds, $500 payout

3rd place — Brandon Colbert, Bobby Gonzalez, 22.08 pounds, $250 payout



1st place — Rod Hiers, Tracey Beck, Clayton Carter, 7.42 pounds $1,925 payout

2nd place — Ryan Scherer, Alan Beville, 7.06 pounds, $250 payout

3rd place — Gene Babbit, Robert Kinarp, Pat Babbitt, 6.92 pounds, $125 payout



1st place — Junior Dice, Michael Graham, 5.96 pounds, $500 payout. The team also had the total bag at 25.66 pounds

2nd place — James Ellis, Shane Stewart, 4.31 pounds, $250 payout

3rd place — a tie — Jason Kennedy, Mikey Owens, 3.30 pounds, $62.50 payout and Robert Hinds, J.D. Dialtioulu, 3.30 pounds, $62.50 payout


Most Spots award went to Robert Beauchamp, Greg Beauchamp and Freddie Hiers with 10 spots, $50 payout.