Chiefland Police Reports

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By The Staff

The following persons were arrested by the Chiefland Police Department according to incident reports. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

A ruse by a woman claiming to be her twin failed, according to the incident report. Shannon Renee Riley, 25, Southeast 195th Street, Old Town, was stopped in the Winn Dixie parking lot on Highway 19 after changing lanes to make a left turn without first signaling and crossing a solid lane line.

She identified herself by her twin's name and did not have identification with her. While officers awaited information on the sisters from dispatch, one officer questioned Riley's daughter who identified the woman by as Riley.

While criminal records revealed the twins have tattoos on their backs, Riley had a another tattoo on her abdomen. A woman police officer had Riley lift her shirt just enough to spot the other tattoo and she was arrested and charged with driving with a revoked license, giving a false name to an officer, and possession of a drug without a prescription. According to the report, Riley's license was revoked for an 18-month period starting in August as a habitual traffic offender. During a search of her purse at the jail officers found a pill identified as Soboxone in a side pocket, the report said.

Koltz J. Austin, 18, Old Town is charged with possession of a short-barreled rifle, possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop for making a left turn without first signaling. The officer's report says Koltz was wanted on a Levy County warrant and after his arrest the gun, ammunition, a pill crusher and a copper pipe were found in the vehicle. The weapons are a violation of his pre-trial release, according to the report.

Isiah Donaldson, 55, Southwest 6th Street, charged with uttering forged or counterfeit bills. The incident report, the clerk at the South Chevron on Main Street reported a man had come into the store and waited until she was busy before asking for change for a $20 bill and leaving immediately after getting the change. Later the clerk checked the bill and determined it was not real. Police located Donaldson nearby and when questioned he said a friend asked him to change the bill, but he could not remember the friend's name.

Carlos Kentral Kerny, 29, Northwest 225 Drive, Newberry, charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license after a traffic stop for a defective tag light.

Leighann Renee Sadler, 38, Northeast 300th Street, Old Town, retail theft under $300. Wal-Mart security detained Sadler after she exited the store without paying for clothing and party supplies that were concealed in a large handbag.

Tommie Lee Hall, 40, Southwest 1st Street, Chiefland, charged with retail theft under $300. Wal-Mart security reported observing Hall conceal 4 pairs of shorts under his clothing, then exit the store without paying for the items. Wal-Mart security detained him and as he was escorted to the store's training room a pair of shorts fell out of his clothing. Three more pairs of shorts were recovered from Hall in the store training room.

Jonathan E. Powers, 29, Southwest County Road 3133 Circle, Trenton, charged with exposing his sexual organs and driving under the influence. A Wal-Mart employee reported observing Powers urinate on a wall next to the smoking area outside the Wal-Mart. The arresting officer said he found Powers asleep behind the wheel of his car with the engine running in the store parking lot.

Bobby Ray Davis III, 19, Northeast Highway 351, Cross City, charged with retail theft under $300 and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Jesse Colton Walker, 19, Northeast 151 Avenue, Old Town, charged with retail theft under $300. Wal-Mart security detained the two after observing two men conceal archery equipment on their person and exit the store without paying for the merchandise. When police arrived, a search found a pill crusher and a straw on Davis who admitted using them to crush and snort pain killers.