Chiefland karate students promoted

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The new year brought more than resolutions for the students of True Path Karate, in Chiefland; there was a belt test and four students were promoted.  After a year of traditional training, just as it’s done in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, three students advanced to green belt ranks.

Instructor John Lohde said, “Bobby Johnston, because he entered tournaments during the year, was promoted without testing. I arranged for him to receive his promotion certificate from Grand Master Eizo Shimabuku, stating he had competed at tournaments, as well as attending our basic and advanced classes. Intense trainee Savannah Hudson was awarded a green stripe after only 3 months. Krista Sharpe and Adrian Ferment were awarded their green belt promotions under the scrutiny of both local black belt instructors and a guest black belt. All four students advanced easily.

“We don’t test students if we’re not sure they’re ready to advance,” Lohde said.  “Adrian, Krista and Bobby have dedicated a year of hard training; they had earned it.  While readying to test them, we saw that a relative newcomer to our class, Savannah, was also ready to test. She was surprised by the promotion.”

New students arrive with Gift Certificates from Santa, so the karate school is growing.  Between karate movie nights, camp-outs and instruction, the students can hold their own at tournaments. For more information, call 352-221-0048.