Chiefland home to pharmaceutical research

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By Jeremy Evirs

Members of the Chiefland Area Lions Club were given insight into one of the most innovative and astonishingly little known businesses in the city.

Tammy Parrott, Clinical Director of Southeast Clinical Research’s Chiefland Lab, was in attendance at the Lions Club meeting March 18 to give an informative and in depth look at the exciting future of pharmaceutical research.

Southeast Clinical Research has been serving the North-Central Florida area for five years now, in which time they, along with other clinical research firms, have found cures for such diseases as the Avian Flu and Diphtheria.

As well as communicable disease research, SECR also studies cures and treatments for such ailments as diabetes, chronic pain, chronic constipation, and drug addiction. All pharmaceuticals tested are in the second phase of clinical trials, meaning they have been tested and proven safe for human use.

Parrott also explained the benefits to the community of drug testing, specifically sighting the help that can and is given to the less-fortunate of the area.

Those seeking involvement in the trials are given a free physical examination, free eye care, blood testing, pulmonary function evaluations, travel pay and free test medications.

She also went on to explain that once a drug has left the testing stage and is ready to be introduced to the masses, those who responded well to the drug during the testing phase but could no longer afford it once it went into production would be given financial help by the company to procure the medication.

Summing up her philosophy as a public servant, Parrott was concise and to the point, “I really believe that we are helping people everyday, with cutting edge research and an oath to serve our community and all the people in it.”