Chiefland has one-two punch at county meet

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By The Staff

Chiefland boys won their part of the Levy County Championship, with knockout performances by the 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams and several individuals. Kendon Wasson won the shot put, Chance Hall won the discus, Marcus McMahon won the 200 and the long jump, Genesis Cilo-Cilo won the 200, Mark Cilo-Cilo won the 400 and Zach Tyson won the 300 hurdles.

Chiefland travels today down to the district meet, held at The Villages. Boys' coach Wendell Corbin says he is optimistic about the team's chances, “although I don't want to bloat their heads about it.”

Corbin says he thinks the 4x100 team, normally made up of Myles Mitchem, Tyson, Cantrell Richardson and Genesis Cilo-Cilo has a good chance, as does the 4x400 team of Mitchem, Tyson, McMahan and Genesis Cilo-Cilo. He also expects Tyson will perform well in the hurdles, although he cautioned, “you never want to count your ducks until they all walk across the bridge.”

Chiefland girls took second place overall at the county meet. Girls' coach Emily Gore was pleased with her team's performance, especially the three first place finishes by her relay teams. Cedar Key girls were dominant, returning state finisher Sam Beckham, state contender Caely Hibbits, and up-and-comer Deanna Littlefield, but the Lady Indians challenged the Sharks and stole several major events. Chiefland girls' top distance runners JaRobyn Rome and Beth Warren, hardened in the brutal cross-country season, seized the win in the 1600 and 800 meter runs, respectively. Lady Indian sprinters also had a good day, as Nekila Strong won the 100 meter, Sharnese Rome won the 200 and Meagan Morgan took second in the 400. Indians finished strong in field events as well, as Ashlee Stockton took second in shot put, C.J. Jack was third in discus and Sharnese Rome was second in long jump. Chiefland girls will also be at the Villages Thursday, and Gore expects the season's improvement will stand them in good stead.

Chiefland boys' first place finishes:

Kendon Wasson, shot put, 40'8”

Chance Hall, discus, 100'11”

Marcus McMahon, 100 meter, 11.3; long jump

Mark Cilo-Cilo, 400 meter

Zach Tyson, 300 hurdles

Genesis Cilo-Cilo, 200 meter

4x100: Myles Mitchem, Zach Tyson, Marcus McMahon (Richardson out sick), Genesis Cilo-Cilo

4x400: Myles Mitchem, Zach Tyson, Marcus McMahon, Genesis Cilo-Cilo

Chiefland girls' full results:

4x800- 12:25 (1st place)

Mariah Mather

Beth Warren

Meagan Morgan

JaRobyn Rome

4x100- 59.4 (1st place)

Nekila Strong

Mariah Mather

Sarah Mitchell

Sharnese Rome

4x400- 5:09 (1st place)

Mariah Mather

Meagan Morgan

Beth Warren

Jarobyn Rome


CJ Jack- fourth in shot, 24'4.5'', third in discus, 68'6''

Ashlee Stockton- second in shot, 28'8.5'', fourth in discus, 57'7.5''

Amber Depew- shot 21', discus, 48'6.5''

Sharnese Rome- second in long jump 13'9'', second in 100m 15.56, first in 200m 30.00

Nekila Strong- fifth in long jump 12'8.5'', first in 100m 15.50, fourth in 200m 30.42

Jarobyn Rome- first in 1600m 6:44

Meagan Morgan- second in 400m 1:15

Beth Warren- first in 800m 3:01

Sarah Mitchell- fourth in triple jump 24'3''