Central Electric Supply Oens

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By Ashley McDougal, Staff Writer

City Electric Supply (CES) has been up and running in Chiefland for nearly two months.

According to Store Manager, Javey Glass, they cater to homeowners and contractors, residential and commercial. ?We service all their needs with a smile on our face, which is the truth, that?s what we do here,? he said.

CES is a nationwide electrical distribution store.

?We sell things from electrical panels to breakers and even to homeowners, decorative lighting- from the basics to fancier things, light bulbs and everything in between,? Glass said.

Many products are held in stock in the company?s warehouse. ?If we don?t have it we can order it,? Glass said.

There are no other stores like CES in town.

?Instead of driving to Gainesville, people can call and we even deliver,? the manager said.

He also spoke about how the business is growing from day to day as more people are finding out about them.

Glass said that when people come in for the first time, the first words out of their mouth are usually, ?Wow! This place is awesome! I don?t have to go to Gainesville anymore!?

CES carries a variety of products and brands, as Glass said, ?A little bit of everything,? including Generac generators.

?I love it,? Glass said about his job. ?I love the customer interaction, love what we offer. It?s all about customer service.?