Capitol City Bank donates to W.A.R. river study

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W.A.R., Inc., a non-profit, environmental advocacy organization based in Inglis, has been working with Dr. Robert Knight, president of the Florida Springs Institute, to identify cause and effect of the degradation of the lower Withlacoochee River.

Once designated as an “Outstanding Florida Water,” the river is only outstanding now, in that it is terminally ill. Biomass and plant life are nearly nonexistent. 

Knight has completed an initial study of the river and now has summarized a comprehensive plan for research and data gathering that will hopefully lead to restoration, both in the short term and for the future.

The cost of this three-year project requires a substantial investment for the rescue of a priceless resource. WAR Inc. is pursuing grant and government funding and community support donations.

Withlacoochee Area Residents, Inc. is pleased to announce that they were selected to receive a grant from the Capital City Bank Foundation to assist with the Lower Withlacoochee River Study.  

The check was presented to John Fuchs, vice president of WAR, by Susan Jones, market leader at the Inglis Office.  Capital City is interested in supporting local projects that benefit the area. 

For more information please visit the W.A.R. website: www.warinconline.com.