Calling all mud boggers

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My name is Norman Eastman. A lot of folks in and around Dixie County have gotten to know me over the past few years. In case you haven’t, I promote the events at Ocean Pond Mudd Bogg.
We’d like to continue having mud bog events every month, but there’s a problem. Competing events occur in Perry, Ocala and a lot of other places that feature overnight camping, an option unavailable at Ocean Pond. As a consequence, we lose a lot of visitors. We’re here for the local folks first and foremost, but local participation doesn’t keep the gates open.
Out of respect to people who live near our establishment and a desire to offer a wholesome family atmosphere, we’ve fixed some problems at Ocean Pond. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited, the gates close at 6 p.m. and safety measures for all are enforced.
Besides the entertainment factor, Ocean Pond Mudd Bogg offers an opportunity for young people to show off their mud buggies.  It’s another way to keep them out of trouble.  These events also attract people from other areas who spend money at local businesses. We also employ several local people. Ocean Pond is a win-win proposition for the county.
On Thursday, March 17, the Dixie County Commission will meet and consider an application allowing us to have overnight campers. I’m asking that those of you who enjoy these events come out and let your voices be heard. The commission meets at 6 p.m. at the courthouse in Cross City.
Norman Eastman