Cage rage

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer

Hundreds showed up Saturday night at Chiefland Billiards and Sports Bar to watch 13 kickboxing and mixed martial arts fights that went on for almost four hours.

The event, known as the FX 3 Cage Wars, was the second amateur cage match to take place in Chiefland in recent months. 

Organized by the North Florida Academy of Martial Arts, bouts pitted fighters from as far away as Lake City and as close to home as Chiefland against each other.


• Bout 1: Paden Kalishek v. Michael Sikes

Sikes wins with a TKO at 2:04 in the 3rd round

• Bout 2: Dustin Reeves v. Tyler Redman

Redman wins by TKO at the end on the 2nd round

• Bout 3: Daniel Postal v. Frank Denny

Denny wins by a choke submission about halfway through the 1st round

• Bout 4: Caleb Wells v. Thomas Albach

Wells wins at 1:28 in the 3rd round after Albach calls it quits

• Bout 5: Teddy Skaggs v. Glen Braswell

Braswell wins after beating Skaggs into submission in the 2nd round

• Bout 6: Bobby Richetti v. Jonathan Ortiz

Ortiz, after an impressive display of speed, wins by a pummeling TKO in the 1st round

• Bout 7: Rocky Prescott v. P.J. Timmons

Prescott wins by decision after three action-packed rounds

• Bout 8: Terrance Joyner v. Brett Durden

Joyner wins at 1:38 in the second round after pounding Durden into the fence

• Bout 9: Chris Lee v. Johny Brage

Lee wins after forcing Brage to tap out with a choke at 33 seconds in the first round

• Bout 10: Clay Lawrence v. Buddy Flowers

Lawrence wins by beat down at 2:21 in the second round

• Bout 11: Cory Hilliard v. Cody Timmons

Hilliard wins just before the end of the 3rd round

• Bout 12: Adam Odonell v. Gilliam Barker

Odonell wins by decision after three tiring rounds

• Bout 13: Steve Turner v. David Miles

Turner wins by decision after three rounds.