Busy Bee 4-H kids celebrate Pollinator Week

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 To celebrate Pollinator Week, Gilchrist County Busy Bee 4-H visited the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge.  At the beginning of the photo safari only a couple of the youngsters knew about pollinators, but by the end of the day camp everyone could explain the benefits of native bees, butterflies, as well as some wasps and beetles. 

Kids came to explore the Refuge with Ranger Pam, who armed each youngster with a camera.  After the hour-long walk to the pollinator garden and down the Suwannee River Trail kids had taken photos of flowers, native bees, dragon flies, and sites along the trail.  While the Ranger printed the photos for the nature journals provided by the Friends of the Lower Suwannee NWR, leader Hannah Gilliam read from the Refuge Activity Guide.

After each Busy Bee glued their photos into the journals, they wrote comments about the trail, pollinators, and flowers they saw.  Even though school’s out, these young conservationists keep learning, writing, and expressing themselves through their photography.  All went home with stickers, coloring books, and their journals full of photos.

If your child’s group is looking for an activity, call 352/493-0238, ext 223 and talk to Ranger Pam.