Brooks running for commissioner of district 5

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I am announcing my candidacy for Levy County Commissioner, District 5. 

I’m not simply running to be a Levy County Commissioner. I’m running to work for you, as your Levy County Commissioner. I want to do my part to ensure our children, our grandchildren and their children have the opportunity to live, work and enjoy this great place we call Levy County. 

“Legacy for Levy” means we are thinking about the past and present but also planning for our future. Everyone who came before us paved the way and we must not rest or become complacent on their successes. 

My military and business background have prepared me to always include planning, proper execution, and evaluation in my strategy for success. District 5 needs a commissioner with experiences and skills not just to react, but to be proactive and open-minded to the ever changing needs of our citizens.

As your commissioner, here are the things I believe we need:

1. We need a commissioner that puts public safety first and champions providing the necessary services at the current budget levels without creating more of a burden on taxpayers.

2. We need a clear, businesslike approach to government NOW. 

3. We need a commissioner that takes the time and gives the energy to focus on future planning and attracting industry to create jobs close to home. 

4. We need to provide a business friendly atmosphere that encourages growth and development of our existing businesses.

I am asking for your vote to work together as a community so we can create the best possible LEGACY FOR LEVY.

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