Bronson's Coach Brochetti throws in towel

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By Jenna McKenna

Bronson High School Athletic Director and Head Varsity Football Coach Greg Brochetti has resigned from the AD post effective Oct. 16, and as head football coach effective the end of the season.

BHS teachers Phillip Knight and Judy Morrison have already been selected to assume the duties of co-athletic directors as of Oct. 16. The AD supplement for the co-ADs was initiated as of the same date.

A new head football coach has not been identified, but Levy County Schools Superintendent Cliff Norris said that BHS principal Valerie Boughanem had already initiated the process of searching for candidates. Brochetti?s supplement for head football coach is scheduled for cancellation Jan. 1, 2008.

?I resigned as AD,? Brochetti said. ?I?m not able to do the job as it should be done, and it?s easier to let other people do it, when I don?t think I can do the job justice.?

Family concerns are a big part of his decision, he said.

?I just don?t have time for the role, and I need to do more with my own family. Doing the AD job properly calls for more time than I can give,? he said. ?Rather than hurt the school and the program, I prefer to let somebody else do it.?

Brochetti thanked school and county administrators for their support. ?Mrs. Boughanem (BHS Principal Valerie Boughanem) has been super,? he said. ?I wish everybody had as good a boss. Mr. Norris and Mr. Davis (Levy Schools Assistant Superintendent Jeff Davis) have both been very kind.?

Brochetti said he preferred not to make any immediate remarks on his resignation as head football coach.

?I would prefer not to add any more distractions to my team as they head into their final game (against Bell High School),? he said. ?I?d like us to complete the season, and then I will address my decision.?

Norris said that school and county administrators were grateful to Brochetti for his work in the football program.

?I commend Coach Brochetti for all the hard work he has put into our program,? he said. ?I thank him for bringing it along to that extent, and I think that?s something we can build on.?

Norris said Brochetti will remain at BHS as a teacher, after relinquishing his coaching duties.

?I respect his decision in this matter, and his desire to do other things with his time,? he said.

According to school board documents, Brochetti has been head football coach and AD since the 2005-2006 school year. His record as coach, with one game left on the current season, is 5-24. According to the same board documents, the coach and AD positions receive $3,300 and $2,000 annual supplements, respectively, in the current school year.