Bronson plays tough, but falls at Fort White

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By Kellie Parkin

In perhaps the most aggressive and skillful play that the Lady Eagles have faced this season, Bronson held their own in the first half of the soccer match last week against the Fort White Indians, losing in the second half 2-0.

The first half of the game saw plenty of rough play with the Eagles solidly defending against the Indians’ aggressive offense. Fort White took 17 shots at the goal in the first half, six going wide, and nine saved by goalie Sarah Trimm. Playing great defense that lasted throughout the match, Sara Shouse also blocked two shots, head butting the ball away from the goal.

Halftime ended tied 0-0.

With a record of six wins, six losses and two ties, Fort White came out tough in the second half. Eagle goalie April Benka had two saves before an Indian corner kick followed by a head butt put the visitors up 1-0. With 25 minutes left in the game the Indians scored again on a penalty kick in the box to lead 2-0. Bronson stopped Fort White’s offense after that and sent several shots at the Indian goal but came up short.

Benka had eight goal saves before game’s end.

“Goalies, both of you, did a good job,” said head coach Dean Shouse after the game. Trimm and Benka combined for 17 saves.

The Eagles took fewer shots than the last two games but played with grit, energy and athleticism throughout.

Pleased with the effort, assistant coach Wally Lake told his team, “We got pretty close to 80 minutes out of you this game.”

“We’re right here with all of these teams. Those of you who remember last year will understand,” Lake said. “Every game we’ve picked it up,” he said.

Still in its infancy, this is the Lady Eagles’ second season.

Head coach Shouse had even more words of encouragement for his novice team. “I won’t lie to you or make you feel good. You’ve got four wins in the next five games,” he said.