Bronson passes budget

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By Kellie Parkin

In the final budget hearing held Tuesday night, the town of Bronson's council unanimously adopted the 2008-2009 budget of $1,319,917.

Given the decrease in county-certified taxable property, the approved budget is 0.58 percent less than last year, according to town records.

The millage rate of 3.2 will remain the same as last year. Bronson's rate is nearly 6 percent less than the state allowable rate of 3.4036 mills, according to Resolution 08-02.

The purpose of Tuesday's hearing was to adopt the final budget figure.

"What you're adopting is the total dollar amount. The money can be moved around later," Town Clerk Donna Conquest told the council. "You can move (the funds) as long as you don't increase or decrease the total dollar amount."

Despite the guidance, council members chose to make some changes to the placement of funding.

One alteration was to the town of Bronson Scholarship Fund. Each year, Bronson awards three graduating students with $500 scholarships. Vice-Mayor Beatrice Mongo suggested that the scholarships be doubled to $1,000 each. The council agreed and moved the additional funds from Special Events.

Money was also moved to allow for installation of up to three new fire hydrants on Forrest Lane. Currently there are approximately 15 residences located on that street that do not have access to water in the event of a fire.

"We should give that service to all Bronson residents," Councilmember Berlon Weeks said.

The 2008-2009 budget has a carry over of $377,100 from the previous year and anticipates a $50,000 surplus held for reserve in the General Fund and a $10,000 surplus held for reserve in the Water Fund.