Bronson Eagles on winning track

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By Tianna Shelley

Eagles Correspondent

The Bronson Eagles are now 2-0 after winning the away game on Friday, Sept. 6, against the St. Augustine Flashes of St. Joseph Academy. 

At kick off the stadium buzzed with excitement. The Eagles won the coin toss and the game began. 

Roughly four minutes into the first quarter No. 44, Brad Cates, scored the first touch down of the evening; two minutes later an astonishing interception by Ryan Ranalli kept the small Bronson crowd that followed the Eagles roaring.

The Eagles’ defensive line held strong, while the offense scored yet again. 

At half time I asked No. 11, Jason Ranalli, “How do you feel about your team’s performance so far?

“We’re definitely playing hard, we just have to keep the energy up,” Jason said.

When I spoke with Jason the score was 27-0, Eagles leading.

But by the third quarter the Eagles put the game on lock and held the score at 35-0. So the energy kept up till the ending buzzer. 

On the sidelines I continued the interview with Jason Ranalli. “If you could change anything about tonight’s game, what would it be?” 

He thought for a moment, then said, “We’ve got to limit the turnovers.”

The two-hour drive to St. Augustine was worth it for the Bronson Eagles. They were tired but content, riding back to Bronson and taking a final score of 35-0 with them.

The win came on top of last week’s 52-6 win over Ocala Christian. It was the first home field victory for the Eagles in four years.