Boys hoops hopes dashed at district

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor


The Chiefland Indians boys basketball team ended the year with a 43-27 loss to Baldwin, their third for the season, in district tournament play on Friday, Feb. 8.

But the team racked up a 16-9 season, that doesn't tell the whole story of a team that had to overcome illnesses and injuries. The CHS Indians also ended up No. 3 in 1A District 7 play with a 4-5 finish behind No. 1 Union County and No. 2 Baldwin.

Coach Adam Boyd said in the final game against Baldwin, “We played good defense, we just couldn't score.”

He said in the first half of the game the team had plenty of opportunities to score. “We probably should have had 10 more points on layups and we probably should have been winning at half time,” he said.

Baldwin was only leading by 1 point, 18-17 at the half. 

Then the CHS team came charging out in the second half ready to play and put points on the board quickly but then the play stopped due to an injury to a player.

 “We started out OK and I think we were doing good, then Kyle (Weeks) cut his head open.,” Boyd said. “We were dictating at that point in the game.”

Boyd said he later realized the injury to Weeks' head which left him bleeding and forced a time out so he could get cleaned up and the floor cleaned, changed the tenor of the team. 

“We were not kind of relaxed, but we kind of lost our momentum,” Boyd said. “After that point we just couldn't score.” The box score for the game shows Chiefland, which scored 7 in the first quarter and 10 in the second, plummeted to 3 in the third and 7 in the fourth. 

Usually the team spend the third and fourth quarters putting points on the board. 

“They were ready to go and usually we come out in the third quarter we come out even and start to turn it on in the beginning of the 4th quarter,” Boyd said.

He commended the Baldwin team saying “they played good man-to-man defense. They are the kind of team that if you do not play aggressive, they just eat you up. You have got to be assertive right back.”


Overall for the season, Boyd said the Indians were a good defensive team. To prove his point, Boyd said the Baldwin team scored 66 points the next night in a game against Union County, taking the district championship 66-62. Baldwin moves on to regional play in Wildwood on Feb. 19.

“Wwe played hard and went after it and it just didn't work out,” Boyd said. 

“The final score wasn't indicative of the game we played.”