Bob Williams says 'thanks' for letting him serve you

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each participant and those who had the desire but were not able to participate in this year’s Christmas and Winter Festival.

I would also like to thank the business leaders and members of the Greater Chiefland Area Chamber of Commerce for entrusting its leadership to me twice over the past five years.

I am stepping down this year, but stepping up to the challenge of bringing and supporting businesses within our area.

Each of you are encouraged to come out and see all the things you don’t get a chance to read in the papers of how businesses are growing themselves and the community. We are a small community but a powerful one when all our energies are channeled the right way.

A special thanks to those who helped me over the past five years in making our Christmas parade a truly family event and the festival something we all can be proud.

My personal thanks to the leadership of this city five years ago in helping us first Light up Chiefland, then each year with a focus on a special theme: A Season for Children, A Season for Families, A Season for Giving and this year’s A Season for Making a Joyful Noise.

I am proud that our leadership and community were not afraid to tell the world that Christ is still in our Christmas and will always be.

We were also proud to make those who that do not particularly see thing as Christians to enjoy by including our Winter Festival. This was not about being politically correct, just being who we are a people among all peoples.

There was only one real sad moment for me this year and no, it was not my coming off the Chamber, though I will miss them. It was my favorite team giving those Gators a game.

Well, I guess making a joyful noise is great when I look at the fact that if we (Florida State) hadn’t given those Gators that game, they wouldn’t be in the position to make our Florida proud, huh? (smiling).

Those of you who know me know that this is all in good fun.

Happy holidays to all and thank you again for a great five years with the Greater Chiefland Area Chamber of Commerce, one of Florida’s best chambers!”

Bob Williams