Black ribbons for all of us

Today is a sad day for humanity and freedom. 

Twelve people — 10 members of the staff of a French newspaper and 2 police officers — were viciously killed, and others were injured by gunmen. The video of the police officer being shot on the sidewalk is disturbing. He died a hero. 

Seems the publication had the temerity to mock terrorists and the Prophet Muhammad — like those who attacked it today, and to do it despite being firebombed in 2011. Some social media had posting that the Prophet had been "avenged."

It is newspapers, even satirical ones like Charlie Hebdo, that speak up when individuals tremble to even consider uttering unpopular words of show unpopular images, that help keep us free. 

And it is police, the last line of protection for those who dare to speak up and criticize that society relies on to protect that speech. 

We should mourn them all and this bloody blow to free speech.

Je suis Charlie

(I am Charlie)