Armchair tour of Levy cemeteries

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   The Genealogy and History Society of Levy County will meet on Sunday,
Feb. 12, at the Levy County Quilt Museum, 11050 NW 10th Avenue, Chiefland.
   Toni Collins, Levy County historian and author, will be the guest speaker, presenting a PowerPoint program on the history of some of the 82 known Levy County family, church, and community cemeteries. Collins also will give a brief history of the persons interred in the cemeteries that will be visited on the armchair tour.
   Historian Lindon Lindsey, author of “Cemeteries of Levy and Other Counties,” also will attend to answer questions and help interested persons with the location of cemeteries.
   The program starts at 2 p.m. and the public is welcome to attend to learn more about the history and heritage of    Levy County.  For more information please call President, Bonnie Hill at (352) 507-2428.