Appropriate representation for taxes paid

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Levy County District One Taxpayers are still without representation on the County Commission Board. We continue to pay taxes, but are not represented. 

However, District Three has double representation, since the past governor appointed one from District 3 and our current governor has appointed another one from District Three. Our Federal and State Governments have taken the people's choice away from the voters of Levy County and replaced it with politics. Once again the registered voters have had their votes more or less thrown in the trash can.  

This office is designed to be filled by election, which means that the candidates must meet the following criteria:  

1.) Meet residency requirements by residing in District One; 

2.) Complete DS-DE 9, Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates; 

3.) Read and be familiar with Florida Statutes Chapter 106, dealing with election laws; 

4.) Qualify by getting and turning in 249 petitions (DS-DE 104: Candidate Petition Form) signed by registered voters of Levy County (which the candidate must pay to have the voters registration verified) or qualify by paying a fee of $2,038.56 (a percentage of the salary paid to a commissioner, which I am against as this leaves the voters out of the picture of qualifying). 

Then during the week of qualifying (June 4th-8th): 

5.) Sign and turn Loyalty Oath DS-DE 24 or 25, Candidate Oath Section 99.012, Florida Statutes;  

6.) Fill out, sign and turn in DS-DE 84: Statement of Candidate Statement of Candidate (Section 106.023, F.S.);  

7.) Fill out, sign and turn in DS-DE 6, Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Political Committees. 

When the Governor appoints a person for Commissioner, all this is side stepped. It is more like the person is applying for a job, and not an elected position. Kind of like coming the back door. This needs to be changed as a person running by ballot expends a lot of time and money to get elected by the voters (people's choice not politics). 

The appointment process should require the candidates to qualify by the same standards as one running for that position. Otherwise the appointment is purely political. In following these guide lines, it would afford equality for all.

Also the people of Levy County deserve justice by having their votes count by considering them in the appointments. 

Above all the Tax Payers of Levy County District One should be represented by an appointee residing within their own district. A peer who knows what  they desire in government and what is needed to better them as a whole. It would give them a representation for their taxes paid! 

Joseph Blitch