AMVETS support hospital

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At the AMVETS Post No. 422  general meeting on August 13, a motion was made by Dennis Harden, which was seconded, and unanimously approved by the membership. The motion being that AMVETS Post No. 422 endorses and supports Ameris Health Services in its efforts to construct and organize a functional healthcare facility namely, the Tri-County Hospital in Chiefland.
There are many citizens, other than at AMVETS Post No. 422, who agree the hospital is needed in the tri-county area. Not only would it save lives by people not having to be transported to a distant facility, but it would also make economic sense. Considering the cost of fuel, maintenance and man-hours to transport, or visit the patient, in the long run we would save millions of dollars by not having to travel to Gainesville, Williston or Crystal River. This money would remain and be invested in our own communities and hospital, which would also generate long-term employment opportunities.
At this time, we would like to express our appreciation for the interest that Ameris Health Services has in our community, and we look forward to a constructive relationship now and in the future.
For God and country,
Joseph Elko
AMVETS Post No. 422