Alan Jackson

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By The Staff

I wanted to share my story with you about getting to meet country music superstar Alan Jackson.

My employer, Capital City Bank, had a contest called "Cornbread and Chicken". This was a message about Alan Jackson coming to Tallahassee and the first 35 associates to find the hidden message received two tickets each.

I started looking for the e-mail and finally found it hidden in our marketing department's information. I was elated when I won two tickets so I called my grandson, Logan Malphurs to see if he would like to go with me.

Later in the week they had a drawing for two backstage passes. Imagine my surprise when the message was sent out on our "netinterest" newsletter "VIP backstage passes awarded to Annie Sims, Bronson Office." Of course I immediately started getting calls from fellow associates offering to be my date!

Alan was very cordial, shook Logan's hand and of course we just snuggled right up to him for our photograph. As you can see he is VERY tall. We had a wonderful time.

Annie H. Sims