Actions speak louder than words

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I write this letter in reference to last week’s letter you received from our Levy County Property Appraiser, entitled “Setting the Record Straight”, I too don’t like to air things out through the media and that’s why when I read the statement that said that Mr. Carnegie and myself called a press conference concerning Mrs. Mary Golding being fired, I was shocked. We never called a press conference but we were contacted by the Chiefland Citizen to be interviewed just as Mr. Barker. Therefore it has become necessary for me to respond.

In reference to Mr. Barker regretting the statement we made concerning him keeping political promises to fire Mrs. Golding, he confirmed that the statement was made by citizens during his campaign.

He also said to me that many of the people who said they would vote for him if he fired Mary were African American. My statement to him was that I never said anything about race concerning this issue.

My question is, why did he make race an issue if it was not an issue? In fact I was insulted that he would even make such a statement about the African American people in our community.

He also stated that he did not, in any way promise anyone that he would fire Mrs. Golding if he won the election but yet that was the first course of action he took after being sworn in. What are we to believe? My mother always taught me to watch what a person does as above listening to what he says.

In other words actions do speak louder than words.

The NAACP has a reputation across this tri-county area of lining up the fact before saying anything and concerning this situation there has been no deviation. Mr. Barker did have every right to fire whomever he chose but morally we should not do things just because we have a right to do them.

Mrs. Golding has served faithfully in the Appraiser’s office for 28 years and to be fired because he had no confidence or trust in her is ludicrous. At a time when jobs are hard to come by after giving almost her entire adult life in that office, raising and sending a child to the University of Notre Dame she is told she’s fired because she’s not trusted.

It has been said that Mrs. Golding bought property from the tax rolls before they were made public and she stole time from the county by being in the court room during business hours.

My question is has there ever been any discipline actions because those are serious accusations to make against anyone

. To Mrs. Golding’s credit, she has touched many people in one way or another. She and her family have just launched the Ben Roberts care center which has touched and is touching the lives of many young people in our community. There we deal with various issues in which they face, such as family, cultural, education, community and social.

One of the things we deal with is racial sensitivity, teaching them to be more understanding towards people who are not the same color or nationality as they are.

It has been said by Dr. Toney Evens of the Urban Alternative in Dallas, Texas, “The most segregated hour in America is on Sunday morning.” Somewhere we all need to be a little more open to understanding each other, especially if we are serving the same God.

This situation is currently out of the Levy County NAACP branches hands simply because it is in the hands of Mrs. Golding’s attorney.

Finally it is our hope that, because of the very low percentage of representation in the Property Appraisers office that Mr. Barker will hire an African American in Mrs. Golding’s Place.

Pastor Donnell Sanders