AARP news

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AARP held its regular monthly meeting Dec. 21 at 10:30 a.m. at the Lodge of Otter Springs.
December is our fund raising month; we will be having a Silent Auction of all of the items that the members bring in.  There are always many good buys for the wise shopper. The high-lite of the day will be the "noisey auction" where you will have a chance to bid on items donated by local merchants.  It's always a lot of fun.
This is the meeting where the new officers for 2011 will be sworn in. Please attend and give them your support for another great year.  We closed out the year with 176 members, which makes us the 4th largest chapter in the state.  When I tell people that, they are amazed that the smallest county can have one of the largest chapters. Starting January 1, our $5.00 dues for 2011 will be payable at the next regularly scheduled meeting. It's still the best buy in town.
The Hospitality Committee reports that they will be supplying the meat and rolls so you are kindly asked to bring a vegetable dish, salad, or dessert to round out the meal. Myrtle Scruggs, our longtime Hospitality Chairlady, is retiring, so let's get behind our new Chairperson and help as much as possible.
We have lost one of our beloved members, Fran Moran, who worked on the Hospitality Committee for many years.  She was also a volunteer at Ayers Health & Rehab Center, where she will be greatly missed.
Our Sunshine & Shadows Lady, Meveree Pope, has had a knee replacement, but at last report, she was home and doing well.
See you at the meeting with can in hand.